Elad Yekutiel

Unity3D Developer

Hi, I'm Elad. I live in Israel. I really like playing and making games. I'd like to use this space here to showcase the projects in Unity3D which I worked on as the lead, or sole developer. All projects were built in Unity, all the code was written by me and all the art was done by collaborators or by myself.


Prior all that good stuff I spent a few years working as a product manager in start-up companies. Which I love doing, and still do for a living. But mostly, I'm interested in programming and producing games. I myself take focus on architecture, creating editors and engines and making the core gameplay.

As for games, I believe in refined mechanics, with strong and intuitive connection to their theme, such that the player will understand what and how to do with as little explaining as possible.

My goal is to create simple and beautiful games, with unique mechanics that challenge people to think.

The projects below are either finished or abandoned. Other projects in production, or some which have not been pronounced dead yet, are not listed.


Woodways is a very challenging puzzle game, with a unique mechanic. You need to move all animals to the portals and they all move and once. The animals interact differently in the world.

Stav Goldstein did the Art, Nadav Tenenbaum did game design and I wrote the code. It is out on all mobiles, pc and mac.


Android, iOS, Steam

Anagram - word search image recognition

In production

Anagram is a category based word search puzzle, in which the player needs to guess a word by looking at an image and finding it in a hexagon grid.

Production version will be more trivia based. Currently in writing.

For mobile.

Contigo - a pic-a-pic reduction

In Contigo, the player is asked to place contiguous pieces on a tiled board, under certain rules.

This game is still in the stage of perfecting its mechanic. I find it quite promising.

For mobile.

Adventure game engine (The Splitting) 

I was hired by Fireberry studio, which is a small indie studio that makes an adventure game called The Splitting, to make an engine/editor that will only need input of content and will support all platforms.

The engine is quite expansive, and has a dialogue system, inventory system, changing between characters, cutscenes, an alternate world and more. It's actually pretty great i think. I really love this engine.

The new chapters, in the new engine, are still in development. You can play the previous chapters which were built in Flash here

More about the engine

Synthetic data application

This is not a game.

This software was built in Unity, for almost a year, to support the training of computer-vision neural-networks for a private AI company.

The system is built to accept 3D assets and to procedurally generate environments and objects with as many variations as possible. The system then captures still images of the object in the environment and its segmented counterpart. Those thousands (much more!) of images are then fed to the neural network which betters itself in recognizing targeted objects.


This video is an early example of the concept.  

Abandoned projects

Some games and prototypes don't make the cut, and are abandoned and forgotten. Some I spent months working on. I selected a few which reached a place where it was possible to know if they are fun or not.

Ze Sound - a beat-based bullet hell


Bullet hell where all the items are created by the music. Think of an equalizer that lets out an enemy when its sequence reaches some threshold. Each song makes a completely different level.


How it plays:

It will need a lot of balancing to actually be fun. Other than that it is a pretty good start for a game which is beat or music based. Creating for it content is tricky though.

Perhaps if a song was written in this game in mind, it would be cool. in-level progression is key.

Puzzle Freaks - A hectic visual puzzle


Players have to quickly find the correct character in a crowd before the time runs out.

Different puzzles included finding characters that look the same, characters out of rhythm, characters out of line and finding the biggest group.

Difficulty factors included size of group, size of characters, time, light/dark, "blind" mode and other.

Hectic music was added to create a rushed experience.


How it plays:

A very stressful game. Nobody really liked playing it, including myself.

Perhaps the mechanic had some potential, but certainly not for a full game and not the way it was done

A word search puzzle (Unnamed)


Players search for words they can create using neighboring hexagons. All words in English are valid. After each find the players are presented with all of the definitions.


How it plays:

Actually, not that bad. It is pretty fun in the beginning and you do learn new words. You also learn new definitions for words.

After playing it for a while i realized that the lack of a subject bothered me, so it was abandoned in its form for a more refined, category based approach.

G.I. Giraffe


Spinning giraffe. Don't hit the bombs and don't get shot.

How it plays:

Maybe you can squeeze 5 minutes of fun out of it.

This was my first try at making a game. As you can see, it is not that good.

I actually made a version of this game first in GameMaker, then in Python using PyGame, and only then i made it in Unity.

For some reason, I thought that a spinning giraffe, trying to avoid bombs, is a good idea. Go figure.

The version here is the Unity one, though the GameMaker was the best and a little different. Giraffe looked better and had different power-ups as well.